Texas Tuesday

Texas Tuesday

Houston, we have a platter!
$25 Taste of Texas Platter for two – loaded w/ Southern proteins and sides

$10 Loaded Fries w/ Memphis Tennessee BBQ pork or Southern fried BBQ chook
Topped w/ grilled cheese and cowboy ranch
$8 – 1kg Basket Wings w/ jailhouse spicy tomato ketchup
$10 – Big Sheriff Southern Fried Chook Baguette w/ smoky paprika fries w/ Budweiser

$10 Memphis Tennessee BBQ Pulled Pork
$10 Flamed Grilled BBQ Chook

$3.50 Smokey Cowboy Beans
$3.50 Smokey Paprika Fries w/ cowboy ranch
$4 Chard Corn on the Cob w/ southern spiced house butter
$4 Ranch Coleslaw
$5 Blue Cheese and Jalapeno Potato Salad w/ maple bacon
$7 Budweiser Battered Onion Rings

$20 – Texas jugs
Fireball Sangria
Hillman’s Sangria

$6 – Fireball Fashioned Cocktail

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